sp_ClaytonSavageIn the beginning God created the heavens and earth. Then he made man, like me. However, let my wife tell it, well…. she says I am a creation. Anywho, God is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. And just like Jeremiah he knew us all when we were in the womb. And he knows every hair on our head. We’re all made with a purpose.

I was born unto a family of preachers, pastors, evangelists and a bishop. This sounds like the start of a joke, right? But no joke. There were musicians in the mix as well, which inspired me to get involved, hence the bass guitar. I picked up the bass at the age of 15 then put it down at 19. Although my desire was to play music in Jesus name, I started a family at an early age, and my mom said to see them through. “Get a job because a man who does not take care of his family is worse than an infidel.” Anxious but obedient, the only way I could quench the thirst of music was to work toward the promise that I made to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. That if it’s in the Father’s will, I would play again lifting up his holy

Twenty five years later I began to play again for churches and choirs. Never being satisfied with the effort or lack thereof, I felt I should give more to Jesus. To strive for excellence. Then unto my life the Lord installed Terrence Reed. The man with the magic touch on keys “gold finger”. Then the Lord told me to unite as one and to give him all the glory. Terrance and I started Spiritual Therapy in June 2013. With the diligence, hard work and commitment and talent of Jeanetta Carr we have been giving Satan a run for his money to date.

Now here I stand before you saints , Christians, and friends 36 years in fellowship praising his Holy name knowing he is with us all because he inhabits the praises of his people.